Brisbane Location office (415) 657-9880
fax (415) 657-9903

San Leandro Location office (510) 878-7885
fax (510) 878-7471

About Company

U S Tool & Supply LLC will form a start up company in Brisbane California . We are a retail supply company that offers industrial gases and supplies to local industry within a          40 mile radius.

More specific, we sell welding supplies and industrial gases to welding contractors, spec gases and cryogenic supplies to bio tech, and industrial gases, tools and industrial safety supplies to construction companies and the private sector.  


Mission Statement:

The mission of our company is gain strong personal and business relations with our customers through effective sales, service, and organizational skills. No customer shall wait on items that have no intention of getting there.


U S Gas & Equipment will advance an agenda to create a         unique sales and customer service atmosphere. All employees  will be exceptionally trained in the art of sales in order to recognize the urgency of a customers current and future needs. To be a good seller you must identify with the customers needs